SafeWaze FS-EX320 SafeLink Snatch Block with Shackle

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• (1) Snatch Block w/Shackle

• Designed to prevent cable from bending during the installation process
• Locking bolt with cotter pin

• Tensile steel, powder coated
• 9" Overall length
• 3" Width at widest point
• 4,000 lbs. Working load
• Minimum Breaking Load of 5,000 lbs.

The Safelink Snatch Block and shackle is a convenient tool to protect your Safelink cable from bending during the installation process. The block and shackle are added to the system following tensioning from the com-a-long or turnbuckle. The Safelink Snatch block and shackle is rated for the SafeWaze Mobile Safelink Horizontal Lifeline System and does not require a Safetylink Strap.