SafeWaze FS-EX2550-G-SL 50' Cable Retractable with Fall Indicator

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• (1) Cable Retractable with Double Locking Snap Hook

• 50'
• Cable
• Swivel Fall Indicator Hook
• Heavy duty rubber shock protector and pull grip
• Ceramic cable entry point with brush to reduce internal contamination
• Desgined for use with SafeWaze SafeLink System
• Rated for Subdued Edges

• 50'
• High Strength Polymer Housing
• 3/16" Galvanized steel cable
• Forged steel snap hook
• Forged Steel Carabiner
• Maximum arrest distance <54"
• Cable tensile strength 3,700 lbs.

50' Cable Self Retracting Lifeline designed for use with the SafeWaze Mobile SafeLink system and subdued edge work. SafeLink, the result of a decade of development, addresses the difficulties and limitations of work on the leading surface edges of a building under construction, and other applications where horizontal work and low clearance fall hazards exist.