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Ask Our Experts: 1-866-339-4083

SafeWaze FS-88761-FF-ALU 6' Energy Absorbing Lanyard for a 12' Free Fall

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$170.36 - $170.36
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• (1) Lanyard with Rescue Rings

• Heavyweight fall arrest lanyard
• External D-rings
• Energy absorber
• Rated at 400 lbs.
• Rated for 12' Free Fall
• 1 snap hook, 2 Rebar hooks

• 6'
• 1.25" Tubular Polyester webbing
• 1" Core stretchable webbing
• High-strength polyester stitching
• Aluminum snap hook and Aluminum Rebar hooks
• Aluminum D-rings
• 5,000 lb. minimum breaking load

The SafeWaze PRO+ FS88761-FF-ALU is an elastic dual leg 6' high profile energy absorbing lanyard for 12' Free Fall; elastic legs stretching 4' to 6' in length. Elasticity eliminates a trip hazard when lanyard not in use. An aluminum snap hook on one end and two 2.25" aluminum rebar hooks on lanyard legs. These larger hooks provide more tie-off options when a standard snap hook will not work. Aluminum rescue rings are on each leg of the lanyard and clear energy absorber ensures easy label inspection. This lanyard is designed for tower applications and rescue ability.