SafeWaze FS-88665-HW 6' Heavyweight Energy Absorbing lanyard with Rebar Hook

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• (1) lanyard

• 6'
• Energy Absorber
• Rated at 400 lbs.
• 1 Snap Hook, 1 Rebar Hook

• 1.25" Polyester webbing
• High-strength polyester stitching
• 1 Forged Steel Snap Hook & 1 Forged Steel Rebar hook
• 5,000 lb. minimum breaking load

The SafeWaze PRO FS88665-HW lanyard is a high profile 6' energy absorbing lanyard with a forged steel snap hook on one end and a 2.25" rebar hook on other end. This larger hooks provide more tie-off options when a standard snap hook will not work. The lanyard is designed for use by workers up to 400 lb. Black webbing differentiates from standard weight lanyards. Clear energy absorber ensures easy label inspection.