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Ask Our Experts: 1-866-339-4083

Ergodyne 19310 Squids 3010 Retractable Tool Lanyard with Belt Loop Clip

Original price $49.65
Original price $49.65 - Original price $49.65
Original price $49.65
Current price $38.15
$38.15 - $38.15
Current price $38.15
• (1) Lanyard

• PREVENT DROPPED HAND TOOLS – Patented lightweight aluminum carabiner with double action self-locking gate connects to tools to tools like wrenches, grinders, drills, impact drivers, etc.
• MADE TO TETHER TOOLS – Tether keeps tools weighing 0.5lbs/0.23kg in a retracted state and prevents tools weighing 5lbs / 2.26kg from falling on people or objects below.
• INDUSTRIAL GRADE // MADE FOR INDUSTRY PROS – ABS plastic housing protects the internal components with a cut-resistant Dyneema® cord with a durable protected weave to hold up in tough environments
• LIGHTWEIGHT + LOW PROFILE DESIGN – Retractable design limits snags, tangles and tripping hazards (10in - 48in / 25cm - 122cm working range) and even with the most durables materials on the market the overall weight of the retractable is less than 0.5lbs / 0.23kg
• LOCKS INTO FIXED LENGTHS – Trigger switch locks cord into fixed lengths to take the tension out
• VERSATILE ANCHOR MOUNT – Slot on the back of the housing can mount to belts or fall protection harnesses up to 2in / 5cm wide and .38in / 1cm thick
• IMPACT INDICATOR – A red cord is revealed when exposed to forces exceeding 110lbs / 50kg letting the user know if a drop has occurred
• TESTED & APPROVED – Third party certified to meet the ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 Standard

• COLOR : Black
• SIZE: Standard

The Squids® 3010 Retractable Tool Lanyard is a lightweight and extremely durable tethering solution designed to mount to your belt or the webbing of a fall protection harness. Using a retractable lanyard limits potential snag hazards compared to standard lanyards. This lanyard can tether tools weighing 0.5lbs/0.23kg in a retracted state and prevents tools weighing 5lbs / 2.26kg from falling on people or objects below when working at-heights. The retractable tethering cord is made of high-strength, cut-resistant Dyneema® with a protective sleeve over the exposed cord to reduce wear and tear for a longer life. The durable ABS plastic housing is textured for better grip and is designed to protect the internal workings of the retractable. Featuring a tapered cord exit to limit the debris being retracted back into the housing with the cord. Even with its incredible durability this heavy-duty retractable lanyard weighs less than 0.5lb / 0.22kg and measures 48in / 122cm when fully extended.