Werner R310030 30ft Max Patrol Self-Retracting Lifeline Galvanized Cable

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• (1) 30ft Max Patrol Self-Retracting Lifeline Galvanized Cable

• Lightweight and compact with 30ft of working length
• 3/16in Galvanized steel cable
• Indicating swivel snap hook and swivel top with carabiner included
• Spring cushion reduces impact on housing with retraction
• Load Capacity: up to 310lb
• Meets ANSI z359.14 and OSHA Standards

• Self Retractable Lifelines
• Approx. Product Length: 30 ft
• Lifeline Material: Galvanized Steel Cable
• Housing Material: ThermoPlastic
• Anchorage Connector: Standard Carabiner
• Lifeline Connector: Swivel Snap
• Certifications/Code: ANSI z359.14; OSHA Standards

The R310030 30ft Max Patrol self-retracting lifeline allows more freedom of movement on the job without lock-up that can inhibit range of motion. This next generation SRL offers the highest standard in safety and ergonomics with improved line-lock performance and rugged design for durability in construction environments.