Werner C111204 22" Web Rebar Positioning Lanyard, Web, 2 Snap Rebar Hook

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• (1) 22in Web Rebar Positioning Lanyard (Web, 2 Snap Hook, Rebar Hook)

• Recommended for work positioning and restraint applications only
• WebAlert inspectable polyester webbing makes wear and damage visible and obvious, making inspection easier, while providing durability that will last

• Lanyards
• Family: Positioning
• Style: Positioning
• Energy Absorber Type: None
• Legs Single Leg
• Material: Polyester Webbing
• Harness Connection Hook
• Anchorage Connector: 2-1/2 in Ladder Snap Hook
• WebAlert Inspectable Webbing: Yes

Werner rebar positioning lanyards are intended for work positions applications only. Unique wear indicating polyester webbing allows for easy inspection and provides durability that will last.