SafeWaze SW-8008-10-RBH-DL 10' Cable Retractable with Integrated Energy Absorber

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• (1) Dual Lock Twist Release Bracket
• (1) Dual-Leg Retractable Lifeline

• 10'
• Cable
• Mobility-enhancing swivel top
• Rebar Hooks
• Class A
• 100% tie-off

• 10'
• 0.19" Galvanized steel cable
• High-strength polymer housing
• Steel rebar hooks
• Maximum arrest distance <24"

The SafeWaze SW-8008-10-RBH-DL is a Class A 10' galvanized cable retractable lifeline with a mobility enhancing swivel top, fall indicator snap hook, gate rated carabiner and coded components for harsh and demanding work environments. The unit's galvanized cable provides greater durability versus a comparable sized web unit. Advanced housing design make the unit lightweight and portable. We offer many configurations of our Class A self retracting lifelines to suit virtually any work environment.