SafeWaze FS-FSP1211-G-RBH 11' Cable Retractable with Rebar Hook

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• (1) Steel Carabiner
• (1) Cable Retractable w/ Locking Rebar Hook

• 11'
• Cable
• Mobility-enhancing swivel-top
• 1 Rebar Hook
• Class A

• 11'
• High Strength polymer housing
• 0.19" Galvanized steel cable
• Forged steel rebar hook
• Forged Steel carabiner
• Maximum arrest distance <24"
• Cable tensile strength 3,700 lbs.

The SafeWaze FS-FSP1211-G-RBH is a Class A 11' cable poly housing retractable lifeline with a mobility enhancing swivel-tip, rugged durable housing, and unique braking system that eases shock and minimizes free fall distance in the event of a fall. Includes a locking rebar hook with gate rated carabiner. The unit design provides free user movement without awkward snags, and is lightweight. We offer many configurations of our Class A self retracting lifelines to suit virtually any work environment.