SafeWaze FS-EX344 Guardrail Weighted Base Moving Dolly

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• (1) Moving Dolly

• A portable hand truck for moving guardrail bases into proper location one at a time
• This is a guardrail base accessory and is in no way classified or to be used as fall protection
• Power coated to prevent rust

• 61" Length
• Wheel base width 21"
• 46" Height
• Handle width 18"
• Tires are 10" in diameter
• Main body: Square A-36 tubing, A-36 Steel rod
• Steel and angle iron wheels
• Flat free polyurethane wheel and steel hub

The SafeWaze Guardrail Systems are portable controlled access zone guardrail system than can be customized in many different configurations to meet your needs. This system is for controlled access and not fall protection.