SafeWaze FS-88595 4'-6' Stretch Low-Profile lanyard; Energy Absorbing

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• (1) lanyard

• 4'-6' Maneuverability
• Internal Energy Absorbing
• Snap Hook and Rebar Hook

• 4'-6'
• 1-3/8" Stretch tubular webbing
• High-strength polyester stitching
• 1 Stamped Steel Snap hook, 1 Stamped Steel Rebar Hook
• 5,000 lb. minimum breaking load

The SAFEWAZE V-LINE FS88595 elastic stretch lanyard is a low profile energy absorbing lanyard stretching 4'-6' in length with stamped steel snap and rebar hook. Low profile nature wears less on a worker's body while still providing required fall arrest energy absorption. Internal lanyard core contains elastic stretch material to reduce potential trip hazard when lanyard not in use, and internal shock tear away lessens body impact by eliminating an external energy absorber.