Safewaze FS-120-E-1118DC-BP Basic Roofers Kit w/ Backpack with Harness in Universal Size

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• (1) FS99280-E: Pass through legs Harness Universal Size
• (1) FS88560-E: Single leg lanyard
• (1) FS700-50: 50' Rope lifeline
• (1) FS1118-DC: Removable non-trailing rope grab
• (1) FS870: Reusable roof anchor
• (1) FS8185 Gear Bag

• Single D-ring Harness with pass through leg straps - Universal size
• 6' Single leg energy absorbing lanyard with snap hooks
• 50' Rope Lifeline
• Removable, Non-Trailing Rope Grab
• Resuable Roof Anchor
• Convenient Backpack

• 1.75" Polyester webbing on Harness
• High-strength polyester stitching
• Forged steel D-ring
• Stamped steel Chest and Leg pass through buckles
• 3-strand twisted Polyester-dacron blend rope lifeline with Forged Steel Snap Hooks
• 1" Polyester webbing lanyard with Forged Steel snap hooks
• Zinc plated steel Rope grab
• Steel sheet roof anchor
• 2-Strap large backpack

The Safewaze V-LINE FS120-E-1118DC-BP Roofing Kit contains everything you need for compliant Fall Protection in one easy to order bundle.
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