Roof Zone 40640 Penetrator 2+2, Mobile Fall Protection Cart

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• Penetrator
• 6-25 lb ballast plates
• Manual

• Penetrator 2+2 mobile fall protection system offers both unparalleled portability and compact design; Ships jobsite ready on a standard pallet, handles are retractable and pin into place
• Optional Cover available for rooftop storage when not in use. Remove cover for fall protection compliance at a moment’s notice for any workers requiring roof top access, a fall occurs, the powerful penetrating spikes engage, piercing through roof membrane, insulation as well as metal decking, thus creating a safe, secure fall arrest anchor
• The Penetrator is compliant with OSHA Fall Protection Regulation 1926.502
• New OSHA Rule in affect: Walking-Working Surfaces, #1910.28, please consult this as well as all Local, State and Federal OSHA rules
• Assembly required
• For use on most substrates, EXCLUDING concrete, the Penetrator has been tested for use on Built-Up, TPO, ISO, PVC, EPDM, and other standard materials that are part of a finished roof system. The Penetrator 2+2 is reusable, gross weight of Penetrator 2+2 with ballasts is 420 lbs. can be disassembled into component parts with a maximum weight of 100 lbs.

• 2 fall arrest and 2 fall restraint or a total of 4 workers
• Recommended Surfaces: Gypsum Deck, Modified Bitumen Membranes, Built-up Roofing (BUR) Membrane, Modified PVC Membranes, Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Membranes, Polyisocyanurate (ISO), Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), EPDM Roofing Membranes, Ballasted EPDM Membrane, Hardboard, Flat Surfaces to slopes up to 1:12, Metal Deck (20 ga. And 22 ga. ONLY), Dens Deck and Plywood

Serious injury or death may occur if this equipment is used for purposes other than intended. Tie Down Engineering provides the following instructions for the use and care of this equipment. It is the responsibility of the user to understand and convey proper instruction to any and all individuals who use this product for Fall Arrest and or Fall Restraint. The Penetrator complies with the requirements set forth by the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) when used according to the manufacturers’ instructions. The Penetrator was designed and tested only to be used on the Roof Zone Trailer #65028 with Flat Free Tires.