Pyramex GG504TSHIELDIR5 Capstone Goggle Direct/Indirect

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• (1) Capstone Shield

• Fully adjustable elastic band.
• Fits over prescription glasses.
• Lens is coated to prevent fogging.
• Soft vinyl goggle body conforms to facial contours.
• Goggle provides protection against dust and chemical splash.
• Scratch resistant polycarbonate lens provides 99% UVA/B/C protection.
• Removable vent caps allow the user to remove when more ventilation is required or leave in place for unsurpassed chemical splash resistance.
• Goggle incorporated with removable shield provides full face protection.
• 4 ventilation holes provide appropriate airflow.
• Ratchet shield allows user to open or close in 3 positions for adjustment.
• Polycarbonate shield conforms to the face offering increased impact and dust protection.

• Shield Thickness: 2.0mm
• Shield size vertical: 177.64mm
• Shield size horizontal: 195.58mm
• Shield size diagonal: 224.24mm
• Overall width (hinge-hinge): 185mm

Capstone Green Tinted Face shield with IR5 H2X Anti-Fog Lens Goggle. Commonly used around welding sites or for medium to heavy cutting and medium to heavy gas welding.