Proto JPSSCAFF5KIT 5-Tool Tethering Kit

Original Price $81.89
Current Price $44.89
• (1) Tape measure holder
• (1) Heat shrink loop
• (1) Sealing tape
• (2) Key rings
• (2) Web d-rings

• Contains tape measure holder, heat shrink loop, sealing tape, 2 key rings and 2 web d-rings.
• Recommended tether attachments for tape measure, lineman's pliers, hammer and level.

• Recommended tether attachments for a tape rule, (2) pliers, hammer and level (tape measure holder, heat shrink loop, (2) sealing tapes, (2) key rings and (2) web D-rings)

Proto's line of industrial tethered tools is the next generation of tool safety technology . The SkyHook™ Tether and Transfer system provides secure tool transfers, a free range of motion and positive tool control at the worksite.