Miller MFLEC-12-9FT 9' Srl-Le / Rebar Hook

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• (1) Cable Retractable

• Aluminum Locking Rebar Hook
• Galvanized steel cable lifeline
• Maximizes versatility for virtually any short-range application
• Two buttons on harness connector positioned in two different planes require two distinct actions prevent accidental disengagement. A red indicator line gives a warning if the pin is not properly engaged.

• Worker Capacity: 420 lbs.

Miller MFLEC-12/9FT TurboLite Personal Fall Limiters with galvanized steel cable lifeline and aluminum locking rebar hook 9' In work sites of every variety, edges are much more common than people realize – and they pose a greater risk than you’d expect. Without protection designed for edges, traditional lifelines risk being severed. Designed for performance in sharp and smooth edge applications, the TurboLite Edge offers versatility, enhanced user mobility and maximum safety. The TurboLite Edge ensures workers are safe in applications requiring foot-level tie-off or working near edges. Meets or Exceeds OSHA/ANSI - 42 in (1.1m) CSA - 39 in (1m)