Guardian 53036 Gotcha Shark Kit With 215 Feet Of Rope

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• Helps to alleviate the effects of suspension in a harness
• Must not be seen as a solution to the problem
• Of little use to unconscious victims
• An intermediate measure and rescue must follow
• Gotcha Kit Accessory

The Guardian Fall Protection “Gotcha Shark Rescue kit” is ideal for those who consider work at height a key part of their skill such as those who work on towers and masts. This product is suitable for rescue from lanyards, vertical fall arrest systems and web retractable lifelines. The victim is released by cutting their primary attachment with a unique bladeless cutter for safety and accuracy. This is a descent rescue kit and rescue entails the rescuer descending to the victim, collecting them, and descending to safety. No assembly is required on behalf of the user. This version of this rescue kit is rated for loads up to 660 pounds in normal use and has a maximum length of 215 feet.