Guardian 53034 Gotcha Fire And Rescue Kit With 195 Feet Of Rope

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• The Shark is a descent rescue kit and rescue entails the rescuer descending to the victim collecting them and descending to safety
• Suitable for rescue from lanyards, vertical fall arrest systems and web retractable lifelines
• Rated for loads up to 660 pounds
• Maximum working length of 215 feet
• No assembly is required by the user

The Guardian Fall Protection “Gotcha Fire & Rescue Kit” is a rescue kit for the professionals and is ideally suited to fire and rescue services. The Fire and Rescue Kit provides a flexible solution to rescues involving vertical, horizontal and tensioned lines. Victims can be recovered without the need to cut them free due to the raising and lowering capabilities of the kit. No assembly is required by the user, but the kit can be changed from lowering mode into raising mode by altering the configuration. The Gotcha FR Kit can be used in many ways and is designed to work in conjunction with a second kit to provide additional security where required. A single Gotcha FR Kit is capable of lowering or raising a single casualty, however, when two kits are used together will provide a secondary system suitable for lowering a rescuer to victim and then raising or lowering both the rescuer and the victim to a point of safety. This version of the kit has a maximum working length of 195 feet. Each kit is capable of being used for lowering operations up to that maximum length.