Guardian 15192 Trench Box Anchor

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• Fully adjustable to fit trench boxes with wall thickness of 0 to 10.2-inches
• Solid steel structure to withstand the harsh jobsite environments
• 3-part configuration to make transportation easy and safe
• Adjustable single point tie off for SRL’s while climbing up and down ladders
• Additional guardrail receiver allows one to add guardrail post that can be incorporated w/ guardrail bracket

The Guardian Fall Protection “trench box anchor point” is the only one available on the market today. In collaboration with American Infrastructure and their safety team, Guardian Fall Protection helped bring to market an anchor point and guardrail system designed for the trench and shoring market. Whether working above the ground or below, OSHA standards require that employees are protected from falls and leading edge hazards. Adjustable single tie-off point for use with retractable lifeline or lanyard which makes climbing up and down ladders much safer. Easy adjustability allows the system to fit 90% of the trench boxes used in the market (with wall thicknesses between 0 and 10.2-inches). With a solid steel structure to withstand to the harsh jobsite environments as well as 3-part configuration to make transportation easy and safe, this product is built to last.