Guardian 15173 Residential Guardrail (1 Bracket, 1 Post)

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• Roof bracket includes guardrail holder and bracing support
• Lightweight system
• Adjustable from 6/12 to 16/12
• Can be used for fall protection on roofs less than 6/12 with a ground to eave height less than 25 feet
• Compact for storage

The Guardian Fall Protection “Residential Guardrail System” is another versatile and cost effective guardrail system which allows roofing activities to be performed safely.  The Ultra-Adjust Roof Bracket is designed for five different roof pitches from 6/12 to 16/12.   When used in conjunction with 2 inch X 4 inch and  2 inch X 6 inch  toe boards, this continuous guardrail system complies with OSHA's regulations.  The product is slotted for easy removal, compact for storage, and can be used as a slide guard. The maximum spacing for this product is 8 feet apart.