3M 60926 Multi Gas & Vapor P100 Filter

• (60) Gas and Vapor Cartridges

• NIOSH approved for protection against certain organic vapors, acid gases, ammonia, methylamine, formaldehyde and particulates
• Swept-back design allows an enhanced field of view and comfort
• Bayonet compatibility allows use with many 3M half and full facepiece designs
• Wide range of applications reduces inventory needs
• Simple installation and usage requirements reduce training needs

• Aerosol Type: Oil and Non-Oil
• Connection Type: Bayonet
• Height: 3.4"
• Length: 4.2"
• Color: Olive

The 3M™ Multi Gas/Vapor Cartridge/Filter 60926 P100 may be used for respiratory protection from certain organic vapors, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methylamine, formaldehyde, or hydrogen fluoride, and non-oil and oil particulate concentrations up to 10 times the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) with half facepieces or 50 times PEL with quantitatively fit tested full facepiece masks.